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An Education Open Data Challenge

We have recently been doing some extra-curricular work on a new product idea called Skills Route. We have been looking for opportunities to develop and fund this idea further. We are pleased to announce that, following a successful competition entry, we have been invited to attend the creation weekend for Nesta and The Open Data Institute's Education Open Data Challenge

There are some great entries and so the competition is going to be tough. Prior to this announcement, we have already done some work to develop our concept and ensure it responds to the brief set by Nesta and the Open Data Institute.

Our team came up with the idea for “Skills Route” which is an app that uses open data on the post-16 performance of schools and colleges to help parents and their children identify providers in their area that are likely to help them to achieve their goals by age 18. Skills Route shows projected grades in a child’s chosen subjects and, in turn, the higher education options that will be available based on the grades that they are projected to obtain. You can find out more about our project submission here

The creation weekend (15/16 March) is designed to give entrants a chance to build and test each app using live data and gaining feedback from parents before pitching to a panel of prestigious judges. At the end of the weekend three finalists will be chosen and given £5k cash and three months to refine their product before the overall winner is selected in June.

It is a really exciting opportunity so please wish us luck!