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Announcement: Making Change Happen with Nominet Trust

Today marks a special occasion - we are now officially funded by Nominet Trust! As their website will tell you, the Social Tech Seed Fund run by Nominet Trust “is an open grant-funding programme that offers entrepreneurial organisations early-stage investment to develop innovative projects harnessing the power of the internet and digital technologies to deliver significant social change. The programme supports projects tackling pressing social challenges such as the environment and sustainability, education, employment and healthcare.”

This funding will support us to test and refine the current version of Skills Route. And as a result we will be able to further tailor the content and functionality to reflect the user needs that we observe in classrooms and hear about homes across the country. 

Like us, Nominet Trust believes digital technology is a radical and positive disruptive force for social good and it invests in early-stage projects like ours, to provide support that will help us scale. Their funding reflects the fact that Skills Route is recognised as a new and innovative idea that has the potential to make a big impact. We are particularly proud to work with them as their support reflects our ambitions to have a significant social impact and the research and evidence that exists to support our work.