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Help your students find local schools and colleges that offer the courses they want

Skills Route FIND is a new tool to help young people find local schools and colleges that offer the courses that they want to study after GCSEs.

It uses information that providers have shared with the DfE about the courses they offer through the Post-16 Course Directory. This is combined with contact information, Ofsted ratings and directions from home to give a young person all the information they need to decide whether to explore the school or college further. 

It is simple to use and only requires a postcode to find nearby schools and colleges. A young person can then refine their results by selecting courses or filter providers to match their priorities. It is the only tool that allows a young person to search on their complete combination of subjects together with the results shown visually on a map.

Skills Route FIND can help your school provide impartial advice and guidance to all your students regardless of ambition as well as help teachers learn about alternative local options.

It is free to use - take a look here.

For more information on all the Skills Route modules see our website here. We would love to hear your feedback on Skills Route FIND, or any of the Skills Route modules. Please share your feedback with us here. Or feel free to drop us an email on

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