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Make great decisions for Sixth Form study with tailored tools and insights

Earlier this month, we were interested to read this article by Adi Bloom in the Times Educational Supplement. Adi outlines a newly released piece of research from Which? University that took a sample of over 1,000 A level students who had applied for university. The article explains that:

"Almost a third of university applicants wish that they had chosen different A-level subjects, a new survey reveals.” 

“And 41 per cent wish they had thought more about what subjects might help them to secure a place at university.” 

For Skills Route, this is validation of the reason why we exist. We have spent time listening to teachers, parents and students (not on the same scale as this study) and they have all told us that they’d like the opportunity to learn about and consider their options for sixth form study more fully. So we have created some new tools to help everyone access this information and consider their decisions and we will be releasing new tools later this year to support young people aged 14 - 16 as they explore, plan and find the best courses for them to study in sixth form. We believe that giving students the tools, insights and language to consider their sixth form options more carefully will set the foundations for life after school - whether for careers, in apprenticeships or at university. 

We’ll soon be updating our homepage to reflect our new products and services. In the meantime, our new modules will target 14-16 year old students in school and will include three specific tools:

  • Skills Route EXPLORE - see how your choices in school impact your future
  • Skills Route PLAN - learn about and plan your sixth form options
  • Skills Route FIND - find local schools and colleges that offer the courses you want to study
If you would like to be amongst the first teachers, careers advisers and students to test our products, we would like to run small group sessions with students in June and July. Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a session: or 0208 0994240

- Set the best possible foundations for your future -